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The Path of Purpose Blog

Please visit my blog for inspiriational stories, thoughts, and insights about the issues we all face in navigating through this journey called life. I hope to use this blog to encourage you in your continual growth and discoveries of your true identity, purpose, & passions. My goal is to lead you down the path toward a life of fullfiment and wholeness in Spirit, mind & body.

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Our commitment

To provide clients with innovative and practical solutions, along with three dimensional insights that address the core issues and promote positive Spiritual transformation.

Services provided are done with encouragement and with growth potential (meeting the person where they are and where they can or want to be).

Motivated and inspired to work with clients who desire positive change.

Find creative solutions and develop break through ideas.

Progressive ideation with continuity for maximum growth potential.

Develop partnerships with potential for short and/or long term mentor relationships and professional networks.

Online counseling via internet/telephone

Wordpress blog for topic discussion and inspiration

Assessment survey

Excellent two way communication

Creative assignments that are relevant and inspirational