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The Path of Purpose

The Path of Purpose founder, Alaina Kaz holds a Masters degree in counseling with a concentration in art therapy, as well as has over 15 years’ experience in providing outstanding individual and group counseling to various populations on a variety of human issues. Specializing in counseling, art therapy, prophetic dance & movement, dramatization and creativity. Individual and group consultations and workshops are done using traditional and non-traditional modalities teaching positive image concepts, life mapping for the awakening of dreams and passions for a more purpose filled life. Sessions are available for booking.

Consulting and teaching about the power of forgiveness and the ability to develop a higher love for self and others. Helping to begin the discovery for a more peaceful and purposeful path in the areas of, but not limited to: relationships and interpersonal conflicts, thought processes, emotional and behavioral health, patterns and addictions, communication and decision making, problem solving and directional decisions and, most of all, Spiritual health and well being.

Option in using visual aides and creative process when deemed necessary to help map clients to better identify, connect and integrate positive sense of well being and direction to reach their potential.

Areas of Expertise:

•Counseling & Life Guidance

•Expressive & Visual Arts

•Individual and Group Process

•Mind, Body, & Spiritual Health

•Directional Decisions & Passionate Pursuits

The path of purpose makes known your direction for life that brings complete peace and freedom for your hope and future