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Key Concepts

Advantages of

Path of Purpose

POP Services

• Your Plan, Purpose and Healing

   Process is supported, identified  

   and understood through Spirit and

   faith principles with commitment,                  compassion, and genuine care.

• Creative Process using visual aides

  and artistic interests to access & enhance     client interests, understanding & potential

• Whole Person Counseling that

   integrates Mind, Body & Spirit

• Improved Sense of Purpose

• Personal Growth Transformation

• Discovering and Overcoming


• Empowerment of Gifting including 

  Awakening of Passions & Dreams

•  Online 1:1 Professional                Counseling, Prayer, Support

   via online

•  Counseling, Ministry and            Consultation Services                  provided by caring, trained,        educated, experienced, and


•  Group workshops for

   Private and Corporate                  Organizations available      

POP approach is Spiritually based using powerful insights that are  edifying, wise, and prophetic as well as practical, motivational and

creative. Problem solving skills are used to develop your ideas to promote healthy well being and maximize success.


Identification of personal goals and your unique giftings that you possess while guiding you on how to apply to all areas of your life. Your path has purpose!


The Path of Purpose (POP) is impactful and effective through a process that involves caring experienced counseling that finds resolution. POP is highly effective with those who have not found success with other counseling and treatment options.


POP aim is for you to experience motivational, inspiring, and life-changing transformation as you learn to embrace your journey on the way to your destiny.

Exceptional personalized counseling services to work with individuals and groups from various backgrounds.  


In depth knowledge that integrates problems into solutions which turns into positive transformation. Strength based support to overcome any obstacles needed to surpass barriers. 

Welcome to The Path of Purpose Website. Thank you for taking the time to consider finding transformative guidance here with your life's purpose. It is our delight to work with individuals, families, as well as professional and social networks who value the importance of growth and positive change. The goal of The Path of Purpose is to accompany you on this journey of life and partner with you to help you move forward successfully. Please take your time and look around and contact us with any questions you may have or when you are ready to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to making a positive impact for your lifes greater purpose!